7C | Call Angie Mok: (787) 5188363 or EMAIL
Beautiful, breezy apartment with ocean and lagoon view, one bedroom unit with one full bed and one sofa bed, recently remodeled and decorated, it is an excellent location: Ashford avenue 1018, San juan PR 00907
# A1 | Call Angie Mok: (787) 5188363 or EMAIL
First floor apartment of 3 bedrooms, it is like living in a house, complex has a pasive park, quiet and relaxing. 3 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms and one of the bedroom is using like office. Modern furnishure, big kitchen.
# 8B | Call Angie Mok: (787) 5188363 or EMAIL
Beautiful apartment in front of San Juan Beach Hotel. Condado, touristic area. A long balcony overlooking lagoon, cruise ships and Miramar. From the end of the balcony you can see the ocean in this cross ventilation apartment. There is one queen size, one full, one twin and 2 sofa bed, family accomodation. When I need to take a break, I just sit on the sofa, I don't know if the white floor relaxes me or the view of the lagoon, you have to come and feel the effect for yourself. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathroom.
# 74 | Call Angie Mok: (787) 5188363 or EMAIL
One bedroom apartment, excellent location: Ashford avenue, close to main hotels, stores, restaurants, beach and lagoon.